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The Edge

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Review : A wonderful film about survival in the beautiful Alaskan wilderness. Man vs. Man and Men vs. Grizzly Bear!

One of my favorite movies and have watched it several times. The Alaskan scenery in the film is fabulous. Anthony Hopkins is great as always.This time he plays the protagonist, a very wealthy man married to a much younger, beautiful woman who has been unfaithful (naturally) with Alec Baldwin’s character. Baldwin, Hopkins, and one other member of their team end up alone together in the Alaskan wilderness after their plane crashes and kills their pilot. Thanks to Hopkins’ resourcefulness (his character is simply brilliant) he tells the other two that he can get them back to civilization because he is so brilliant. Nevertheless, the trip back to civilization is thwarted by a huge man-eating Grizzly bear and it becomes a battle of wits between Hopkins and the bear~who is the smarter? Very suspenseful because of man vs. man and men vs. nature!


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