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Pearl Harbor

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Review : Pearl Harbor on Blu Ray
While I do have the standard def 60th Anniversary edition of this movie, this will not be a side by side comparison between the two, and since enough opinions have been ventured regarding the story line’s accuracy, opinions on acting et all, this review will focus only upon the actual quality of the transfer to Blu Ray.

The video imaging is quite clean throughout the film with no artifacting in any place that I could notice. With the many action scenes, stair stepping of some of the images might have prevailed but I saw none. Thus, I was pretty pleased with what I saw. Color imaging is, for most of the scenes, very warm yet not overly so. There was nothing artificial appearing in the transfer to Blu Ray. There is only the very slightest of small grain which was barely noticeable in a few scenes and would not be noticed at all if you weren’t actually looking for it. The Mbps rate varied greatly from the low twenties to 40Mbps but I would say that the…


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