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Review : Silly, slimy, snake-infested scream flick is stuffed with slithery, shameless schlocky scares.
Cornball old-school style "B" movie with a giant killer snake replacing aliens, vampires, werewolves or whatnot. Loved this unashamedly goofy flick since first catching it in theaters decades ago. Pretty solid performances all-around by a mostly young cast of then up & coming actors. Still, it’s sturdy veteran thespian Jon Voight who shows these new kids just how it’s really done with his amazingly hammy turn as whacked-out snake hunter, Paul Sarone. He rocks every aspect of his juicy part: from the outlandish Paraguayan accent to even the tiniest nuanced physical mannerisms. Voight can do more acting with a single look or body position change than the other noobs could with a page and a half of dialogue. He makes watching this monster mash totally worthwhile. God bless him!

Wildly uneven visual effects are a real mixed bag here, ranging from great to laughably awful. (Backwards waterfall, anyone?) This is an older movie and at the time this was filmed computer…


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