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Review : The Foundations of Current Cyber Wars
There are plenty of poorly made and sketchy "documentaries" offered on all the streaming channels. This is not one of them. It was made by a very well regarded documentary film maker. This is an update on the of the Stuxnet malware story, and it did indeed go much further than the 60 Minutes story I remember seeing a while back. There is a lot of technical information, and I am not especially a techy, but I think I understood it well. What is so good about this documentary is that after watching it you have a much better understanding of the foundations of why the U.S. and the world are in such a hacking crisis right now. I have heard criticism about the film because the producer was unable to get anyone to reveal much about the Stuxnet episode. But he did take every nugget of information he was able to glean and weave them into a quilt of a story so to speak. The production values of the film were well done. Anyone who is the least bit concerned about upcoming cyber war and…


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