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Review : Cute movie
When I ditched cable I lost the recording of this movie that I had on the DVR box, so I bought this DVD and some others to replace the missing movies. The grand kids love it. At a savings of almost $80 per month by ditching cable, I can afford to replace a few DVDs. Plus I don’t have to fast forward during commercials because there are none.

This is a cute story about a robot that is trying to clean up the earth which is covered in trash and is also unable to sustain life. There used to be tons of Wall-E robots on the earth (cleaning up) but due to them breaking down, this is the only one left. Over hundreds of years, it has slowly developed a personality. It likes to watch and listen to the music from Hello Dolly!, likes to collect unusual things that it finds while cleaning up, and has a cockroach for a friend. Meanwhile all of the humans are on a huge spaceship called the Axiom. They are living on it in space until the earth can once again sustain life. The Axiom has…


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