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Review : Original in a genre where that’s hard to achieve
I’ve been a follower of superhero stories for a long time. I remember when Miller’s "Dark Knight" and Moore’s "Watchmen" shook up expectations of what such stories could be. Sadly, "Unbreakable" doesn’t rise to that height — but it was a fresh take on what a superhero story could be. Absolutely fantastic casting, Samuel L. Jackson for once playing a role that is not at all his usual fare, and doing it extremely well. The interplay between the lead character and his son was well done and interesting (though it goes way over the top at one scene, afterwards they sort of ignore that and it’s fun to watch again).

Bruce Willis really does a fabulous job with his lead part — unfortunately, the scripting on that part is not up to the creative ideas that drive this film. There is a limit to how long I can watch someone trying hard not to participate in his life before I want to walk away. I stuck with it, and I’m glad I did, but I can’t be as…


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