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The Proposal

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Review : “I do!”
This is a clean, feel good, light-hearted, laugh out loud, movie that you can watch on a day that you’re home sick, on a Saturday afternoon, or on a night that you just cannot sleep – no matter how hard you try! You can watch it alone or with a group of your girlfriends or with a member of the opposite sex (I am of the female persuasion), and everyone will find SOMETHING to laugh at while watching this film. The cast is perfect – Betty White is at her prime. How she and Sandra Bullock banter off of each other is delicious. I love the "Jack of All Trades" gentleman that continuously appears. I love this film from its frantic coffee-spilling ending to its "I won’t spill the beans" ending. Just writing the review makes me smile and laugh (I’m thinking of her trying to get the Eagle to give her back her cellphone by offering the darling little puppy…). If you’ve not seen it, you must, and if you want to be able to watch it anywhere, just purchase it for your Amazon…


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