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The Gathering Storm

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Review : ”What did Herr Hitler say at the dinner? He said, ‘I will start a new religion.’ We were silent as he left.”
Video combines the personal – Churchill’s family life (strained, turbulent, painful) with his political life (painful, turbulent, strained). Well done.

Churchill shown to be suffering from almost suicidal depression (the black dog). Writing, painting, and preaching in the parliament distract him, motivate him to ‘keep buggering on’. His deep connection to British history, his spiritual connection to his military ancestors (the duke of Marlborough), his love of the English countryside, his deep hatred of Hitler and Nazism, all clearly presented.

One subplot is his turbulent marriage. Clemmie travels to Asia for four months with group of freiends. Includes George Phillips – single, attractive, charming. Will she return? Does she love him? Having an affair? Churchill finally probes, ”Do you love him?” She pensively respondes, ”He made me like him”.

Some explanation of the conflicting political opinions provides backdrop to Churchill’s fight to rearm…


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