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The Accountant

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Review : Intense role for Affleck, brilliant writing, strong direction and the very best acting from all concerned. Superb film making.
The Accountant
Double Oscar winner Ben Affleck plays a guy suffering from what seems to the audience to be a form of autism. He has a great difficulty communing with other people but he has a strong affinity for numbers. Numbers, figures, tallies and the like he can handle with ludicrous ease, people not so much. So he makes a career for himself as an accountant. Great, a story of a determined man who by dint of effort overcomes a debilitating mental handicap. We have a story to inspire and encourage.
Well, lets take a breath. He succeeds by dint of effort, true, but also by hard training by his dad who never gave up on him. His clients are criminals of the worst sort who hire the precisely focused number cruncher to ferret out leaks in their money vaults. Maybe we should not be so easily inspired. Things take a very dangerous, bloody turn. He is as precise with weapons as he is with numbers.
Director Gavin O’Connor has made several other films with the…


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