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The 24 Hour War

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Review : A perfectly presented true tale for audiences of all types
Adam Carolla and Nate Adams have mastered the art of creating documentaries that are informative, interesting, and downright gripping. This documentary is based on AJ Baime’s book, "Go Like Hell" (an excellent read, as is "The Arsenal of Democracy"), and the film perfectly represents Baime’s work. The photography is phenomenal. The soundtrack accentuates pivotal moments.

The live, in person interviews with Ford folks like Henry Ford the third, Edsel Ford the second, Dan Gurney, and countless other team members (some well-known, some not-so well-known) keep the story interesting while providing a truly personal feel. The Ferrari camp was also well-represented by people like Piero Ferrari, Carlo Tazzioli, Brian Laban, and Moro Forghieri. Each of them had intriguing personalities; their flair and gusto came across perfectly on camera and in the story.

The editing was great as well – they did a wonderful job of merging legacy and modern footage. The…


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