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Review : Bravo to Sully, and Tom Hanks for a wonderful story.
Really an amazing story. Having worked as a flight attendant for over a decade I have great appreciation for the responsibility the captain feels toward his crew, and passengers,(you will see this in Sully, and every other pilot flying commercial aircraft); and the crew toward the passengers.Flight crews train every year for water landings, and we used to believe the possibility of survival was near zero. The movie very subtly comments on that with glances, and inflections. Now Sully’s landing on the Hudson shows that any airline disaster is potentially survivable, and all that training is for very good reason.

I enjoyed watching this – it did not come off as a documentary. The acting skill of Tom Hanks, and Aaron Eckhart made it extremely compelling to watch. While the NTSB seems like the bad guy here – they have a job to do as well. While we all gripe about poor service on various airlines it is important to remember that the folks getting us from point A to point B are…


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