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Review : Not Your Thrilling Movie, But One That Will Touch Your Heart
I’m a man in my seventh decade of life who has seen much and who has experienced much. This movie, I found quite by accident, but I’m much richer from having found it! I had not seen the actress in any role in years; I do not know why; perhaps I just had not found her movies, nor the male lead in several years; but, again, I am enormously glad to have found them partnered in these roles. I caught many lumps in my throat in several scenes, and the acting was so natural as to be a real event, which I was sharing all the way through. I cannot thank you enough for allowing access to this movie. While it broke my heart, it also was quite healing; and I could only hope that someone (anyone) might love me so much as that affection and deep-soul type love that was so manifest in this movie. I would honestly give it 10 stars, if that many were available to me. As my title suggests: It was not one’s ideal of a "thrilling" movie, but it was certainly one that will touch your heart…


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