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Starship Troopers

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Review : If you own a Sony BluRay Player, Please Read-
There are countless complaints that this film does not work on many Sony BD players. After alot of searching on the net, here is what I’ve found:

this movie has an authoring problem with the BD-Live function on the disc. It tries to access BD-Live, but there is a glitch in that the player mistakes the amount of memory of the player, and gets stuck in a loop. The disc status bar appears, fills up, and the screen goes black, and nothing happens.

The workaround: Connect a blank 1+GB flash memory stick in the unit’s REAR USB port. Press play. The movie will work. I had this problem, I tried this solution. It works.

I do find it kindof aggravating that Sony hasn’t done a better job (or ANY job) addressing this issue. This is probably due to the lack of popularity of the title. Starship Troopers remains something of a niche cult title, so maybe they didn’t think it was important that many people have returned it. It’s sad how big companies can have…


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