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Review : Shyamalan Returns To Form
I approached this film with real trepidation. I was a fan of M. Night Shyamalan’s initial work but subsequent efforts seemed to be borrowing heavily from the early successes. Here he seems to be learning from his failures and accepted the fact that you can’t catch lightning in a bottle twice. "Split" is unabashedly a homage to Alfred Hitchcock most notably "Psycho". This is not to suggest that it is a rip-off because Shyamalan takes some of the Master’s themes and expands upon them with his own flourishes. There is a constant air of menace and dread that permeates the film that doesn’t let go of you even until the bitter end. In a career making turn James McAvoy fascinates as Kevin, a man suffering from a multiple personality disorder. Your eyes can’t leave McAvoy as he assays the different aspects of Kevin’s persona and though capable of truly heinous actions you remain sympathetic to him. As a depression sufferer I was leery of the film exploiting mental…


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