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Speed Racer

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Review : High-Octane Cinematic Oddity
Speed Racer is an odd film that to this day I remain unsure of how I ought to feel about it. On one hand, the Wachowskis deliver a film that looks unlike anything I’ve ever seen before or since.

The film is based on the classic anime about a young racer named Speed who competes in outlandish races against a motley assortment of villainous drivers. Throughout the film we are treated to a number of neon colored racetracks jam packed with CGI cars straight out of a Saturday morning cartoon drifting across race tracks, jumping over obstacles, deploying weapons, and all the other things you’d expect from the original Speed Racer anime (or Hanna-Barbara’s Wacky Races).

When I first saw the trailers for this film I thought this cartoonish aesthetic was just the worst, and I avoided the film for the longest time as a result. While recently doing a retrospective of The Wachowskis, I finally sat down with Speed Racer. Much to my surprise, the visual style managed to win…


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