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Review : Epic Story

The guy who wrote this wrote the book "Apaches", which is the best book about Cops (fiction) Ive ever read. This story with its magnificent cast has to be seen to be believed. I don’t run over the plot in detail in my reviews…you can get that elsewhere. If you want a story (for adults) thats great Drama, Suspense and is WAY more than just about revenge and justice, this is a wonderful way to spend a couple of hours. Good, Evil, Cause and effect and how friends can and often do come together to heal each other and kick ass when needed…all here. DeNiro as the Priest who follows young neighborhood boys into manhood and never stops ministering to them the way only he can….(If DeNiro had become a priest, I think he would have been just like this character) is at his best here as well as Brad Pitt and Kevin Bacon. Bacon isn’t a likeable guy in this but he does a fantastic job pulling it off. Recommended.


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