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Review : Great movie for kids/adults who love the world of cooking, chefs, etc.

Set in Paris, a phantom famed chef who says "Anyone Can Cook!", a mouse, a working kitchen, a boy with aspiration & red hair, a great backstory, a fiesty femme, etc. – what more can I say. I LOVED this movie more than my kids when we saw it in the theater. I readily admit that I went home that night (1st week it was in theater) and went onto Amazon to order in advance my DVD copy. When it came to my house, I immediately watched it again and again…it remains MY favorite. My kids aside from my aspiring chef-child, could take it or leave it.

Note, around the same time, a movie was released called "Flushed Away" featuring a seemingly British Rat and his James Bond-esque adventures aftering being flushed into the underworld. Now, that movie bored me but captivated my kids more. That’s okay, I’ll let them watch Flushed Away and I’ll keep watching Ratatouille!!! This one is MINE! 🙂


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