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Review : Both vesions, one disc
Blu-ray format

I love ‘Payback’ and it is nice to have both versions on one disc, and no, I don’t think two movies on one disc is causing any kind of (significant) quality loss. Also, compared to the US version, this one has HD audio tracks, which is a nice upgrade. As far as which version I like better, its hard for me to say, and that really is the point of this release. It is not some gimmicky ‘directors cut’ with, like, 3 non-essential scenes plugged back in; you get the theatrical version, which is the one most people know and from what I’ve read prefer, but you also get the original director’s vision. This film was directed by Brian Helgeland, who was essentially cut out of the final process so that Mel & the studio could make a more audience-friendly (read: mainstream) version for release. Now, we get to see what Helgeland wanted to do from the start, which involves color saturation changes (it really does make a difference,) pacing changes and the removal…


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