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Review : The way of suffering
Awesome movie. It tore my guts out as I had just lost my daughter to leukemia a year ago.
What a tragic disease.
But, having someone who walks with you through it ALL is such a "GIFT". It changes us all. And, never to be forgotten. They live on in us. We live life with more intention!
Chemotherapy is such a devastating treatment to endure. We go in with so much hope that going through the treatment will end the nightmare; only to find out it didn’t work.

Since I saw so many over the course of eight months not make it; I found no comfort in being there and watching so many life’s going through the treatment and yet only to learn it wasn’t enough to put it in arrest.

The movie is explicit, accurate and so true. What a great and true depiction of the raw reality of it.

I found comfort and felt hugged in my own grief.
We can’t imagine nor even begin to understand, but this movie paints it truly and includes the horrors of…


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