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Review : A Fine Line
The trouble with these movies taken from video games is that they don’t really connect with their intended audience until they kick into game mode. In the case of this film that happens way way down the road from the opening scene, thus losing the audience two-fold in its wake. I mean the audience who bought into Wahlberg’s portrayal and actually feel for his character balk when the Matrix sfx-s kick in and the story spirals to it’s gamey conclusion and the gamers have already died of boredom by the time the action shifts into high-gear. Kudos to Mila Kunis (Jackie from That Seventies Show) who’ll blow you away as a semi-villianess and Beau Bridges playing his part with his usual sense of subtlety. Mr. Wahlberg is to be commended for playing it straight and to the point. You actually feel his pain from time to time. I still stand by my original assessment of him as the NEW Charles Bronson the movie everyman star from the fifties onward. The print is pristine if darkly lit and…


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