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Iron Man 2

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Review : What are these naysayers talking about. This is a great sequel!
The people giving this bad reviews must have not watched the same movie.

IRON MAN 2 was as good as it gets for superhero movies. It is a well-built story using characters and situations dating back to the 1960’s. (Hence the nice addition of Tony Stark’s dad in filmstrip sequences). The rivalry between him and a cold war Russian inventor plays out a generation later between Tony and the inventor’s son, a character known as Whiplash (but never actually called that in the movie). I have to say the writing was top-notch and the characters excellently portrayed. For any armchair psychologists out there, the child-rearing theory of nature vs. nurture surfaces in Whiplash’ origin. The young boy grew up in a climate of hate, and well, this is what happens. OK, getting too deep, more on the fun stuff…

Paltrow as Virginia “Pepper” Potts, the director as “Happy” Hogan, and Rockwell as Justin Hammer all did a great job. Mickey Rourke dialed it down a notch and was superb…


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