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Review : A review written by a normal person with normal expectations.
Before I get started let me add this disclaimer: I watch movies to be entertained. I don’t watch movies looking for flaws in production or with the hopes of pointing out every false statement or fact. When I watch a movie I don’t care if it’s not 100{206ba0da2d2a2523f90b3c13299734399394b1cb7b41a3f8811f0ce341eb4e8c} realistic. This doesn’t mean that I enjoy movies that are complete horse crap but I watch them for fun not as a job or hobby so any and all things mentioned below are solely the opinions of someone watching a movie for enjoyment.

It’s 4/2/2017. I’ve had the ability to watch this movie on Prime for a long time now but never bothered, I just didn’t think I was interested in it. Tonight/this morning I decided I wanted to watch a movie and, for whatever reason, I finally decided to watch Interstellar. I generally prefer medieval/fantasy movies with lots of action but sometimes the part of me that loves Star Wars decides on si-fi and I decide to find something to watch. Since I didn’t quite feel like renting Arrival this won. I’ve…


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