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Review : Her clothes were all wrong!!

It is a sweet, cute movie with enough funny stuff in it….but it bothers me that the time period is not pinned down better. This is ironic since much of the conversation is about whether time exists or not. Her hair and outfits could have walked out of the mall yesterday. It was no where close to how she should have looked, even if she was supposed to be a nerd. This bugs me more than it would most people because I was old enough at the time Ike was in office to know what the styles were. In fact, the only thing that pinned it down was that Pres Eisenhower was a character. Meanwhile, the vehicles seemed to be mostly out of place time-wise as well. Matthau did a wonderful job as Einstein, and his make-up job was superb. It was a treat to see Tony Shalhoub as the guy running a garage and working on cars, when I loved watching him as Monk for so many years. It was surprising that my husband sorta enjoyed it.. The geezers were the best part.


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