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Review : Awesomeness
Absolutely love this movie and was so excited to buy it! It was being played fairly regularly on TV where I live and whenever I could catch it I would. Knowing that the TV always cuts down for time, I really wanted to see the uncut version.

I am a huge fan of this director. Dog Soldiers was a mind-blowingly awesome movie and you actually get to see a couple of the actors from that in this (Spoon!!! <3). The Descent I was obsessed with since the first moment I saw it in Theaters (the version without the wakeup) and immediately bought it when it came out on DVD. Neil Marshall has done it again with this movie. It doesn’t have a supernatural flair like Dog Soldiers or a horror monster horde like the Descent, but it still stands on it’s own and I believe is on the same level as it’s predecessors.

To avoid spoilers I can’t really go into much depth about the content itself. The main character is a female protagonist (whom I have a total fangirl crush on) played by…


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