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Demolition Man

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Review : Blu-ray is great looking, sparse otherwise
Finally saw the Blu-ray version of this underrated 90s popcorn flick last night. Since there have been 1,000 reviews of the 25-year-old Stallone-Snipes-Bullock film already, I won’t go into detail on the plot (but I will nit pit a bit later). The Blu-ray transfer is indeed a Blu-ray upgrade; they remastered the film and it looks good. There’s not much to the disk; it’s the movie and that’s all. But if you own an ancient VHS copy or the first-generation disappointment of a DVD (and if you really like the film enough to pony up extra cash for this disk), you’ll love what’s here.

As for the movie itself, it’s fun if you don’t take it seriously. The only thing that drives me crazy about this flick is the timeline. The movie was made in 1993. So, we’re expected to believe that in three years, crime has gone totally to hell in Los Angeles. Stallone and Snipes are placed into cryogenic sleep for 36 years shortly thereafter. When they awake in 2032 or whatever, the world has become…


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