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Review : This is the edition you need (if you’re a fan)…
“Commando” is not the kind of film that takes itself very seriously, but when it rocks, it really rocks, and you feel the blood-and-thunder effects of a great old R-rated shoot ’em up that has now become a practical lost art in our age of cinematic CGI atrocities. When I read on Wikipedia recently that some misguided souls are plotting to ruin the film’s legacy by funding an ill-advised remake of this title, I shook my head in disbelief that they intend to take a “serious approach” to the script. Oh sheesh, I say. (Sure, the original script was probably more serious and less Arnold-fied, but who cares? “Commando” is a kill ’em all movie that is fun for a reason. The filmmakers who try to make it “serious” are spoiling the sexist, macho, overly unrealistic structure that makes these movies fun for all guys who are still boys at heart–the point is that these are fantasies (as at ease on the SyFy channel as it is on TNT, for instance) in that they make no bones about their unbelievable…


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