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Review : A Comedy Classic

This is a comedy classic. Bill Murray as the somewhat demented groundskeeper is wonderful to watch. Chevy Chase is great as the rich, but enigmatic, Ty Webb; Rodney Dangerfield is obnoxious and annoying as a "new money" property developer; Ted Knight (Ted Baxter on the Mary Tyler Moore Show) is smarmy Judge Smails; and the rest of the cast is terrific, but the character that almost steals the show is the gopher. There are plenty of sight-gags, lots of one-liners, sex (including a bit of gratuitous nudity to get the R rating, I’m sure), and the famous Baby Ruth in the swimming pool scene. Even though the film is almost 40-years-old, the humor holds up. It’s also fun to see all those quaint late-70s outfits that we used to wear. This is the kind of movie that you need to watch every now and then just for the pure escapism of it all. It’s junk, but it’s good junk. This will neither add or subtract from your IQ for watching it.


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