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Watch Bridge of Spies (Theatrical) Online Free Streaming

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Bridge of Spies (Theatrical)

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Review : Spielberg and Hanks combine for one of the best films of the year
Theatrical review. Possible spoilers. Never underestimate Steven Spielberg and Tom Hanks, especially when they team up to make a movie. In one of the best dramatic films of the year, the story expands on real events surrounding the downing of a CIA spy plane over Russia in 1960. The film begins in 1957 when a suspected Russian agent, Rudolf Abel (wonderfully portrayed by Mark Rylance) is captured by the FBI. The grandfatherly-like Abel, doesn’t deny his activities, but never discloses any information to the Americans.

As he goes to trial for a crime that could include the death penalty, the judge appoints a well-known law firm to represent Abel. The head of the firm, Thomas Watters, Jr. (Alan Alda) appoints James Donovan (Tom Hanks) to handle the case. Donovan is a bit surprised because, he practices insurance law and hasn’t worked on criminal cases in years. As Donovan learns later, Watters and Judge Byers (Dakin Matthews) expect a competent defense to…


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