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Big Ass Spider!

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Review : Not a bad little B movie, if you like 50’s style big bug movies, give it a shot.
This movie is pure Grade B all the way, but in a good way. Don’t expect a Hollywood blockbuster out of this one.

That having been said, I generally go into these type of movies with extremely low expectations, which is to its advantage. My hopes are never high.
It actually got me to laugh out loud in a couple of places. Other reviewers are right when they point to the actor playing Jose as one of the bright points of the film. Here’s an example:

The exterminator’s truck has been stopped by the police for speeding.
Alex: "Keep quiet; I’ll do all the talking."
Jose: "I hope so. You’re the white guy."

The actor playing Alex strikes me as trying to be a poor man’s Vince Vaughn. (This is NOT a compliment.) I’d still give him another watch in another picture, though. The other actors were just average.

The special effects were about the same as a video game. Not horrible, but you can easily tell they’re fake…


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