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Review : HISTORICALLY BRILLIANT! Problematic for non-history buffs
For anyone with a solid understanding of the history of WWII, this film is a masterpiece of the portrayal of actual historical events surrounding the assassination of Obergruppenfuhrer Reinhard Heydrich. Very few additional characters were needed to be added to keep the plot line flowing since the story itself is so riveting. For someone without a thorough knowledge of the event’s history, Anthropoid could very well come across slow and boring. Let me explain. There are no major sub-plots that bring in colorful characters or exciting events, no "serious" steamy romance love stories that in other movies (i.e. Pearl Harbor) obliterates any true telling of the story. Anthropoid is first and foremost a historical drama. Unfortunate for the casual movie goer, the story is told entirely from the perspective of the men and women on the ground. There is never any attempt made to explain why London would ever consider assassinating the top Nazi in Czechoslovakia knowing full…


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