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A Dog's Purpose

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Review : Feel the joy and find your ‘Purpose’ from this wonderful movie
OK. I just don’t know exactly how to describe how really great the movie, A Dog’s Purpose, is. OK, I’m not going to sugarcoat it, you’re going to cry. My wife grabbed my hand at one point, and we both cried. … But before that, we had laughed — sometimes loudly, as did everyone else in the theater. After we cried, we laughed again. And watched. And we laughed a little bit more. What can I say? Dogs are funny. And we smiled. And laughed some more. And I remembered once again why I loved W. Bruce Cameron’s book so much. And why I came to believe in my purpose and, yes, a dog’s purpose. Certainly I believe in the message behind A Dog’s Purpose. The movie is not an exact replica of the book, and it’s not possible to be. The book is far more in-depth, but at more than 300 pages, it’s going to be. The movie is another telling of a great story, and it’s a charming, sometimes heartbreaking, always heart-tugging, nostalgic romp of a great time. If you’ve ever loved a dog with all your heart,…


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